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Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics, commonly known as Root Canal Treatment, treats disorders of the nerve (pulp) of the tooth.  This therapy is designed to save your tooth and prevent an extraction.

Common reasons for undergoing a root canal treatment are:

* Infection caused by a deep decay or a very large filling
* Severe gum disease
* Trauma  (physical blow) to a tooth

In every instance, the tooth pulp becomes irrupted and infection occurs. Bacteria grow within the tooth pulp.  This may also cause pressure, pain and face swelling.  The bacteria attacks the pulp and can eventually destroy it.  This causes the bone surrounding the tooth to become infected and abscessed and may lead to the destruction of the bone surrounding the tooth.


When treatment is recommended, it is important not to delay.  By keeping each appointment and taking prescribed medications as instructed, you are giving yourself the best chances of saving your tooth.

Root Canal treatment at the Oxford Smile Center typically is handled in one appointment.  Common procedural steps include:

* Using anesthetic to provide comfort
* Isolating the tooth to confine the treatment area
* Making an opening through the crown
* Removing diseased pulp carefully
* Cleaning, enlarging, and shaping the root canal
* Filling and sealing the canal or medicating it, depending on your case
* Placing a temporary filling if a second appointment is needed
* Cleaning the tooth thoroughly
* Taking X-Rays to ensure all infection is removed
* Filling and sealing the pulp chamber permanently

Once the root canal treatment is completed, your tooth is ready to be fully restored.

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