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Pediatric Dental Care

Brushing TeethCaring for teeth and gums starts at birth.  We usually think of a newborn  baby as having no teeth, but the teeth are there developing under the surface of the gums and waiting to emerge when they are ready.

Usually between six months and a year, the baby's front teeth will appear.  By age three, most children have a full set of 20 primary teeth.  Starting at about the age of six, adult teeth begin to appear.  By 14, children typically have 28 of their 32 adult teeth.   Wisdom teeth normally emerge between the ages of 17  and 25.

The Oxford Smile Center recommends that you schedule a child's first appointment within six months of the first tooth appearing but no later than his/her first birthday.  This oral examination is important to assess growth and development, oral hygiene and to determine if your child is at risk of developing cavities or caries.  

Diet, sucking habits, fluoride intake and home care should all be discussed with your dentist and hygienist. Proper dental care and forming good habits in the early years are paramount to maintaining excellent dental health.  

As children get older, Dr. Khoury will perform thorough orthodontic evaluations (by age seven), discuss the benefits of Sealants and Fluoride treatments and offer custom mouthguards to protect young athletes from injuries.

From birth through those critical teenage years, practicing good oral hygiene, having regular examinations and cleanings, and treating any signs of decay will help provide your children with a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

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