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Nitrous Oxide

The Oxford Smile Center is pleased offer Nitrous Oxide Gas to our patients upon request.

Nitrous Oxide Gas, often referred to as laughing gas or sweet air, is an effective anesthetic drug that has many benefits for patients seeking dental treatments.

The gas was discovered by an English cleric named Joseph Priestley in 1774, but it wasn't until 70 years later that Dr. Horace Wells, a young Connecticut dentist, witnessed a demonstration of nitrous oxide at a carnival. He realized the potential of using it for dental treatment and quickly capitalized on the benefits of this method of anesthesia.

The effect of nitrous oxide is often remarkable. Most patients that have anxiety before treatment, become calm and relaxed. Best of all, the use of nitrous oxide often replaces the need for Valium, IV sedation or general anesthesia.

After the procedure, patients receive pure oxygen and can leave the office with no side effects.

The use of nitrous oxide is just another way that the Oxford Smile Center helps to make your dental visit as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

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