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Fillings and Restoration

Girl with Beautiful TeethOccasionally, Dr. Khoury may recommend a dental procedure to restore one or more of your teeth.  The restoration of a damaged tooth is an important part of maintaining excellent dental health.  Problems gone untreated can result in further decay, pain, loss of the tooth and can lead to more costly procedures.

Dr. Khoury and the experienced team at the Oxford Smile Center use state-of-the-art technology to restore teeth and put a healthy smile back on your face.  

Before any procedure is performed, every patient receives a thorough examination and consultation that includes patient education, procedure options, recommendations, and estimate of fees.  The goal will always be to save a damaged tooth whenever possible and restore it to a healthy condition.

Modern dentistry is amazing.  Never before have there been so many options for restoring teeth.  Some of the procedures that Dr. Khoury may discuss with you are:

Amalgam or tooth-colored resin fillings
Inlays and Onlays
Root Canal Therapy
Dental Bridges
Dental Implants
Partial or Full Dentures
Cosmetic dentistry including teeth-straightening or whitening.

To further your education about dental procedures, please visit our page of dental resource links.

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