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Dental Resource Center

At the Oxford Smile Center, we believe providing dental education is an important part of helping people practice preventive dental care techniques and helps them make better decisions about procedure options.

By providing expert examinations and consultation, and by offering additional educational resources, we empower our patients to make the best decisions regarding their dental health. We believe it's important for patients to understand the benefits and/or risks of dental procedures and also understand the long term consequences of ignoring problematic conditions.

Basic preventative dental care is critical to ensuring the long term health of your teeth and gums. Following some basic tips can help save both your teeth and your money. Please visit our Dental Care Tips page to learn more.

We have compiled some of the best dental resources on the Internet to help you learn more about dental health. Each link provides resources based on the area of dentistry that you wish to learn more about. Please visit the Dental Resource Links page to start your educational journey.

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