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Are Invisible Braces Right For You?

by John M. Khoury, Jr. DDS

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Are invisible braces right for you? For many cases, “invisible” aligners can be very predictable, and just as effective as traditional braces. In general, braces have long involved bonding brackets on teeth, placing a wire through the provided openings in the brackets and securing them via rubber bands. The metal wire exerts subtle pressure on the teeth to make them move. Newer techniques include tooth movement via appliances known as aligners

The pros of “invisible” braces:

  • Nearly undetectable, so adults are more likely to seek treatment and maintain confidence in social gatherings or business meetings.
  • Removable, it is easier to maintain oral hygiene and eat what you want.
  • Comfortable, no wires or brackets against the inside of your mouth
  • Fewer emergencies, no poking wires or broken brackets
  • Safe FDA approved material thus no concern over metal allergies.
  • Lose weight, because invisible braces are removed for eating some patients report snacking less often.

The cons of “invisible” braces:

  • Compliance is necessary, it can be tempting to not wear aligners for recommended hours per day which will affect treatment time required to get desired results.
  • Like traditional braces, there can be a speech adjustment period and tooth discomfort.

Depending on the treatment needed, invisible braces can be an excellent method of straightening your teeth and providing you with a perfect bite.

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